Job Posting Guidelines

We maintain strict quality assurance policies for our database of jobs. To post jobs on our website, they must meet the following guidelines.

By posting on this site you represent to us that you are posting job data for positions that you have a direct contract for or that you represent directly. You are not allowed to post job data on behalf of a consortium, job network, data aggregation service, search engine, or other entity not directly responsible for the position in question. All job posters much have obtained consent from any/all business entities to post data regarding their specific job search or position posting. By posting information you also state that you have informed any third party of how they may access to view the information posted and how to contact you to rectify any inappropriate or incorrect information. Any job poster and/or their company violating this policy will be banned from the site and/or have their IP address banned.

The Dental Jobs database is a valued asset. By using the Dental Jobs site you acknowledge and agree to such. In the event that your company and employees have access to the Dental Jobs database, you agree that the use of the database will be for the sole purpose of sourcing candidates for current contracted positions. Any other use MUST be disclosed in writing to the company and approved in writing. Failure to obtain approval results in conversion of valued information under the condition of fraud and misrepresentation and may be actionable in a court of law.

The following data guidelines apply to all jobs posted on Dental Job:

  • Your jobs must include complete titles, descriptions, locations and company information.
  • You should not post the same job repeatedly. Only 1 posting is allowed per job position.
  • Your jobs must not be commission only positions.
  • A valid contact e-mail address must be supplied for each job. We do not allow external URLs to be used for the application process. We will push applicants to an approved ATS system or an API will be available for your use.
  • Job Feeds must be in an industry standard format or in a proprietary format provided by you to us or jobs can be provided via an excel spreadsheet. We provide the necessary documentation.
  • Jobs must be kept updated and all filled positions removed from the site within 48 hours.
  • Job postings shall comply with all Hong Kong Special Administrative Region antidiscrimination laws.

Failure to comply with these guidelines will result in your jobs being removed from Dental Job and in some cases, at the sole discretion of our staff, your account will be suspended.