Clear Aligners HK Limited

  • Full Time

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Entry Requirements

  • Candidates should have been registered in Hong Kong under the Dentists Registration Ordinance
  • A valid practicing certificate issued by the Dental Council of Hong Kong
  • Master Degree in Orthodontics, or an equivalent qualification
  • A good command of spoken and written Chinese and English.
  • Experience in clear aligners system


Duties and Responsibilities

  • Provision of orthodontic treatment at DCA affiliated Clinics
  • Study patient records, including dental histories, plaster models of teeth, and X-rays to review treatment plans for patients.
  • Approval and signing off of treatment plan
  • Discuss treatment plans and cost estimates with patients.
  • Treat crowding and spacing issues
  • Collaborate with other orthodontists to discuss treatment plans.
  • Using orthodontic appliances for appropriate orthodontic treatment.

Fringe Benefits

For candidates who work on a full-time basis, an end-of-contract gratuity may be granted upon satisfactory completion of the contract with consistently high standard of performance and conduct. The amount of gratuity payable will be the sum which, when added to the Government’s contribution to a Mandatory Provident Fund (MPF) scheme as required by the MPF Schemes Ordinance, equals to 15% of the total basic salary drawn during the contract period.  Rest days, statutory holidays (or substituted holidays), annual leave, maternity/paternity leave and sickness allowance, where appropriate, will be granted in line with the provisions in the Employment Ordinance.